Car Loan Calculator



Is there really no credit check?

Absolutely! Most of our financial partners will not require any credit check to finance your next car! In fact, most of them use instant bank verifications instead to qualify clients.

What are the minimum requirements?

To maximize your chances of approval, we strongly recommend you meeting the following requirements :

  • Monthly income : 1200$ or more
  • Time at job : 3 months or more
Are your services only available in Winnipeg?

While we are specialized in the Winnipeg market, most of our financial partners operate throughout Canada. So even if you’re in located outside of Winnipeg (Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, etc.) we can help you find a car loan.

What type of car can I finance?

You can finance any type of car! Whether you’re looking to finance a luxurious SUV, a sedan or a work truck, we can help you find the right loan!

Can I find a car loan for a used car?

Absolutely. Most of our users use our platform to find car loans for used cars.